Our Approach

Wells Machining is a business located in Southwest Virginia and have been producing precision machined parts since 1985. We have the benefit of over 60 years of combined precision machining experience. This allows us to save you time and money by offering consulting on the machine processes before the design starts. We specialize in hard to machine materials and tight tolerances that other machine shops will not attempt. We have the capability to micro machining as well as high volume production.



We employee only the highest quality of machinist in the industry. We have a fully automated machining process that allows us to produce cost effective high tolerance machined parts in a timely manner for faster turnaround times for our customers. We are capable of handling jobs from prototyping to high levels of production. We Specialize in micro-machining to mid-level machine parts. We also specialize in tough to machine material such as exotic alloys and plastics.

We can produce finished parts with a wide range of plating and coating of the base material. We have produced gold plated Copper Tungsten, and Copper Moly devices that have held up to 450c without blistering.